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European Industrial Relations Observatory

The European Industrial Relations Observatory (EIRO) is a monitoring instrument offering news and analysis on European industrial relations, primarily through its web-based database EIROnline.

A project managed and coordinated by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, EIRO began its operations in 1997. The purpose of the project is to collect, analyse and disseminate high-quality and up-to-date information on key developments in industrial relations in Europe. It aims primarily to serve the needs of national and European-level organisations of the social partners, governmental organisations and EU institutions.

EIRO is based on a network of leading research institutes in 27 countries, including EU Member States, acceding and candidate countries and Norway. One designated centre covers developments at EU level. In order to complement the coverage of industrial relations developments in Europe, since 2001, EIRO has collaborated with experts in Japan and USA in the production of an annual comparative overview of industrial relations in the EU, Japan and USA. Over the years, EIRO has also actively engaged with other international institutions, such as the International Labour Organisation and the OECD.

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Page last updated: 12 March, 2007