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EurLIFE - Car ownership

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Data for indicator: Car ownership

Domain: Transport
Definition: Number of passenger cars per 1,000 inhabitants.
Unit: cars per 1,000 inhabitants

Data selected for this table:
  • Countries: All ;
  • Period: All ;
  • Differentiator: none.

Countries1990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012004 Countries
AT387399410421433447458469481496506 501AT
BE388398400408413422427435440449458 467BE
BG       207218232243256314BG
HR            301HR
CY       317334342355369448CY
CZ       329339334335344373CZ
DK309310310312312319331337343347347 354DK
EE       293310317322298350EE
FI389385384370368372379380392404413 448FI
FR415419418423430433437446456466463 491FR
DE447 471479488495500504508516521 546DE
EL171174177189199211223238254275304 348EL
HU       226219223235248280HU
IE227238241249262265272309324340343 385IE
IT483503518520524529531535545556563 581IT
LV       174196215234248297LV
LT       238255294317307384LT
LU480523512523540559558562594610623 659LU
MT       491464482497499525MT
NL368371373376383364370378382398411 429NL
PL       221230240258272314PL
PT187 205224242258277297321330350 572PT
RO       115125133139144149RO
SK       211222229236239222SK
SI       392410429437444456SI
ES309322336344351362376389408428442 350ES
SE421421414409409411413418428439451 456SE
TR       565962666775TR
UK360373360366372374388399404414419 463UK
EU-15394 409414422426434442451460  495EU-15
EU-25            463EU-25
[Source of this data: Eurostat]
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  • Countries
    AT : Austria
    BE : Belgium
    BG : Bulgaria
    HR : Croatia
    CY : Cyprus
    CZ : Czech Republic
    DK : Denmark
    EE : Estonia
    FI : Finland
    FR : France
          DE : Germany
    EL : Greece
    HU : Hungary
    IE : Ireland
    IT : Italy
    LV : Latvia
    LT : Lithuania
    LU : Luxembourg
    MT : Malta
    NL : Netherlands
          PL : Poland
    PT : Portugal
    RO : Romania
    SK : Slovakia
    SI : Slovenia
    ES : Spain
    SE : Sweden
    TR : Turkey
    UK : United Kingdom
    EU-15 : 15 EU Member States (before May 2004)
    EU-25 : 25 EU Member States (after May 2004)

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