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Industrial relations in the public sector

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This report presents an overview of industrial relations in the central government and public sector in European Union Member States (with the exception of Sweden) and Norway. It describes the sectoral breakdown across countries and analyses the main employment trends. It then explores developments in employment relations in the sector while also analysing collective bargaining in the countries surveyed, highlighting the similarities and variations across the industrial relations systems in the sector. The study shows that, while employment relations are changing in most countries in the direction of greater harmonisation between the public and private sector, and between career civil servants and employees under ordinary contract, there is still much variation across countries due to the legal and institutional traditions of each country.

Defining the sector

Employment structure

Nature of employment relationship

Role of trade unions

Right to collective bargaining

Bargaining structure and wage-setting

Right to strike and collective disputes




Page last updated: 15 August, 2007
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  • ID: TN0611028S
  • Author: Lorenzo Bordogna
  • Institution: Fondazione Regionale Pietro Seveso
  • Country: EU Countries
  • Language: EN
  • Publication date: 11-12-2008
  • Sector: Public Sector