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Trade union strategies to recruit new groups of workers

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This report aims to provide an overview of developments in both trade union membership and density in the 27 EU Member States and Norway. It looks at the initiatives undertaken by trade unions to recruit new members, especially in areas other than the traditional core union ranks: the manufacturing and public sectors. Recruiting new members and extending the reach of union representation feature high on the agenda of trade unions, with resources being specially mobilised for this purpose. Key aspects of trade union activities remain crucial, notably the integration of organising in day-to-day activities, and also the focus on traditional collective identities and the role of union representation in improving wage levels and working conditions.


Recent trends in union membership and density

National debates on union membership

Union initiatives to expand membership base




Page last updated: 17 May, 2010
About this document
  • ID: TN0901028S
  • Author: Roberto Pedersini
  • Institution: University of Milan
  • Country: EU Countries
  • Language: EN
  • Publication date: 14-06-2010
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