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Relates to the lifelong education of employees. During paid educational leave, full-time employees have the right to be absent from work, while retaining their normal pay or wage, for a number of hours which corresponds to the number of hours comprised by the courses being attended ( vocational training or general education) and for which an annual maximum is fixed by the law.

Employees who wish to exercise their right to paid educational leave inform their employer in writing and indicate their envisaged absences.

The overall organization of paid educational leave within each enterprise is arranged by the works council or, where no works council exists, by agreement with the "union delegation " or the employees in general. Its planning takes into account the work-organization requirements of the enterprise as well as the interests and individual circumstances of each employee.

This planning may not impede the right of employees to exercise their right to paid educational leave in travelling to courses, attending courses and, where applicable, returning to the workplace after courses and sitting examinations.

In the event of disagreement, the case is submitted to the employment and labour inspectorate of the Ministry of Employment and Labour, which first attempts to conciliate and, if this fails, issues a decision on the matter.

The Ministry of Employment and Labour reimburses the employer for pay and social security contributions for employees who take paid educational leave, to the following extent: 50 per cent. in the case of vocational training and 100 per cent. in the case of general education.

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