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Action taken by the employer to terminate an employment relationship with immediate effect, without observing the required notice period. Under the 1982 Employment Protection Act (see employment protection), summary dismissal is permitted only if the employee concerned has committed a serious breach of his or her contractual obligations, such as embezzlement. An employer contemplating summary dismissal must, in principle, inform the employee one week in advance (see employment protection), and if the latter is a union member the union must be informed at the same time (see employment protection). The employee and the union concerned are then entitled to request consultation on the matter with the employer, and if they do so the employer cannot put the summary dismissal into effect until the consultation procedure has been completed. If summary dismissal has been carried out without just cause, the employee side can apply to the courts to have it declared invalid.

Please note: the European industrial relations glossaries were compiled between 1991 and 2003 and are not updated. For current material see the European industrial relations dictionary.

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