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Joint event - From active inclusion to social investment

16 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Venue: European Economic and Social Committee, Rue Belliard 99, Room JDE 62, 1040 Brussels


The aim of active inclusion is to bring those who can work and are furthest from the labour market into employment and to provide those who cannot work with enough resources to live in dignity and participate in society. In 2008, the European Commission proposed a comprehensive active inclusion strategy based on adequate income support, inclusive labour markets and access to quality services. Since then, and in the wake of the financial crisis, Europe has experienced severe social set-backs.

The aims of this conference are to focus on the underlying situation and the measures taken at European level to step up active inclusion. The event will also enable participants to discuss the merits of active inclusion by looking into questions such as:

  • The Active Inclusion Strategy (AIS) launched in 2008 has produced little results. Why is this?
  • What is the role of each of the three strands of the Active Inclusion Strategy and why is it important to aim for an integrated implementation of the three?
  • What role can the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Social Investment Package and the European Semester play in making the Active Inclusion Strategy happen?
  • What role can the social partners play in promoting and implementing the Active Inclusion Strategy?
  • What more can the European institutions do to mainstream this strategy and how can relevant actors be better engaged in the process?

The conference is jointly organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and Eurofound. A programme is available on the EESC website.

Draft concept note: English - Français

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