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New forms of employment: Developing the potential of strategic employee sharing

After having mapped the new employment forms emerging in Europe, Eurofound has now started to explore them in more detail. The employment model of ‘strategic employee sharing’,  in which a group of employers hires workers jointly and is jointly responsible for them, was analysed with regard to the potential benefits and risks for employers and employees as well as the preconditions for an implementation that brings advantages for both companies and workers. 

The research concludes that the necessary conditions to encourage the establishment and further development of strategic employee sharing can be grouped into four areas: demand, supply, legal framework and institutional actors as well as operational support.

The main advantages for companies is the cost-efficient and flexible access to workers, improved HR administration and employer branding. For workers, the main advantage is access to permanent full-time positions, job and income security as well as improved employability. Potential disadvantages for employers are workflow and work organisation challenges, while workers might suffer from increased stress and less integration into the individual firms.

The report points towards a need for more awareness-raising for this employment form across Europe, the recognition of the employment model through a suitable legal framework and active support for the implementation of employer groups.

Download the report and the executive summary. More detailed information on the characteristics of the employment model in different countries is available in the project related case studies.

Updated December 2016