EMCC European Monitoring Centre on Change

ERM database on restructuring-related legislation

The ERM database on restructuring-related legislation provides an overview on statutory regulations framing the anticipation and management of change in the EU Member States and Norway. It aims at enabling the cross-country comparison of the legal definition of collective dismissals, the therewith related obligations for information and consultation and for considering alternatives to redundancies as well as the effects of non-compliance with dismissal regulations. Furthermore, it deals with the legal entitlements of redundant employees, for example as regards notice periods, severance pay, reemployment or public support. Other topics covered refer to employers’ and employees’ obligation to engage in skills development, working time flexibility or wage guarantees in case of employer insolvency. In total, about 430 entries have been recently updated by the national experts of Eurofound’s Network of European Correspondents.

Updated May 2016