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The restructuring events database contains factsheets with data on large-scale restructuring events reported in the principal national media in each EU member state. It has been in existence since 2002.

The database is updated daily and grows at a rate of approximately 20-30 new entries a week. To date, more than 18,000 restructuring events have been recorded.

In order to be included in the database, an individual case of restructuring must involve the announced loss or creation of at least 100 jobs, or employment effects affecting at least 10% of a workforce of more than 250 people.

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Announcement date Country Company Restructuring type Sector Planned job creation Planned job reductions min
22/07/2016 France CGI Business expansion Information / communication 100
21/07/2016 Norway Maersk Drilling Norge Internal restructuring Mining / quarrying 130
20/07/2016 Germany Lufthansa Technik Internal restructuring Transportation / storage 700
19/07/2016 France PSA Peugeot-Citroën Business expansion Manufacturing 150
18/07/2016 Ireland Sigmar Recruitment Business expansion Administrative services 150
14/07/2016 Slovakia SlovTan Contract Tannery Business expansion Manufacturing 40
14/07/2016 Slovakia Freudenberg IT Košice Business expansion Information / communication 180
13/07/2016 Austria FACC Business expansion Manufacturing 250
11/07/2016 Netherlands IBM Offshoring/Delocalisation Information / communication 334
08/07/2016 Netherlands Boskalis Internal restructuring Construction 150
07/07/2016 Romania Luxoft Romania Business expansion Information / communication 100
07/07/2016 France Cameron France Internal restructuring Manufacturing 249
05/07/2016 Netherlands Huisman Internal restructuring Manufacturing 100
04/07/2016 Netherlands Unilever Internal restructuring Manufacturing 43