Research: Employment and Change

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Donald Storrie Donald Storrie, Head of Unit, was born in Northern Ireland and lived in Sweden for 28 years. He has a BSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Economics from the University of Gothenburg, He has previously worked at the Swedish Institute for Social Research and the Ministry of Labour (both in Stockholm), Ostfold University (Norway) and most recently led the Centre for Labour Market Studies (Gothenburg). His publications include research on the individual consequences of job loss, temporary employment, the evaluation of active labour market policy and geographical mobility. Donald joined Eurofound in August 2005 as research manager at the then EMCC.

Enrique Fernández Macías

Enrique Fernández Macías comes from Spain and is a research manager in the Employment and Change Unit. He has a PhD in Economic Sociology from the University of Salamanca, where he worked as lecturer and researcher before joining Eurofound. His main research interests are in the areas of job quality, occupational change and inequality. In Eurofound, he is responsible for the European Jobs Monitor (EJM) among other projects.

Irene MandlIrene Mandl is from Austria where she has worked in policy-oriented socio-economic research in the field of employment and labour market as well as entrepreneurship and industry analysis before joining Eurofound as research manager. Some of her major research topics refer to business start-ups and transfers, specific forms of entrepreneurship (e.g. one-person enterprises, family businesses, ethnic entrepreneurship), Corporate Social Responsibility and HR Management (e.g. skills development, age management, financial employee participation etc.). Within the Employment and Change unit she presently deals with policies and strategies of public authorities, social partners and companies in the framework of structural change and restructuring.

John HurleyJohn Hurley took up responsibilities as research manager in the Employment and Change unit in February 2012 and has worked in Eurofound since 1998. John is responsible for the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) publications such as the ERM Quarterly and ERM annual report as well as the ERM online presence. John has previously worked in a variety of posts in Information/Communication and in the Industrial Relations and Working Conditions unit.

Massimiliano Mascherini is Italian and joined Eurofound as research manager at the end of 2009. He is responsible for Eurofound projects on youth and NEETs. He studied at the University of Florence where he majored in Actuarial and Statistical Sciences and then obtained a PhD in Applied Statistics. He has been visiting fellow at the University of Sydney and at Aalborg University. Before joining Eurofound he worked as scientific officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and his main research topics refer to flexicurity, social cohesion and methodological advances in composite indicators. Over the past few years he has produced in these fields a steady flow of publications in international peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and policy reports.

Carlos Vacas Soriano joined the Employment and Change unit in January 2012 and has been working for Eurofound since May 2010. Prior to that, Carlos worked as a macroeconomic analyst for the European Commission (AIDCO) and as a researcher in European labour markets for the Spanish Central Bank. Carlos studied Economics and Journalism, did a master in European Economic Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges and wrote a dissertation on flexicurity within a PhD programme on European Integration at the UAB in Barcelona. As research officer, he deals with projects related to employment and industrial change.

Martina Bisello joined the Employment and Change unit in April 2014 as research officer in Labour Economics. She holds an MSc in International Economics from the University of Padova and a PhD in Economics, jointly run by the University of Pisa and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy). She has been visiting researcher at CMPO (Centre for Market and Public Organisation), University of Bristol, and at ISER (Institute for Social & Economic Research), University of Essex. Her research interests include skill supply and demand, and wage inequality; labour market impacts of technological change, international trade and immigration; gender gaps in employment and earnings.

Stefanie Ledermaier joined the Employment and Change unit in June 2014 as a research officer. She holds an MA in European Studies from the University of Bath and an MSc in Applied Labour Economics for Development from Sciences Po Paris and the University of Turin jointly delivered at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy. Prior to joining Eurofound she has worked as a research officer in European employment policy at the Institute for Employment Studies in London. Previously she was also a trainee at the OECD and the Council of the European Union. Since joining Eurofound she has been involved in various projects including 'Social inclusion of young people' and 'Job creation in SMEs'.

Sara Riso, from Italy, took up responsibilities as research officer in the Employment and Change unit in July 2010. Sara is responsible for the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM) and is involved in various other restructuring-related projects. She joined Eurofound in July 2006 as information liaison officer. Prior to joining Eurofound, Sara worked as project manager for large European associations and networks.

Valentina Patrini started working as research officer in the Employment and Change Unit of Eurofound in April 2016. She holds an MSc degree in economics and social sciences from Bocconi University in Milan and postgraduate certificates in policy evaluation. Valentina has more than eight years experience in the field of socioeconomic research, carrying out evaluations and studies at EU, national and regional levels in the fields of employment, education and training, and regional and socioeconomic development. Prior to joining Eurofound, she worked as senior research manager for a public policy consultancy company (London, Brussels and Madrid) and in research centres in Italy and Spain.

Eleonora Peruffo joined the Employment and Change unit as research assistant in November 2015. She works on the European Restructuring Monitor observatory. She holds an MA in Diplomatic Sciences and International Relations awarded by the University of Trieste and a H. Dip. Sc. in Data Analytics, National College of Ireland. She previously worked in the lifelong learning sector.

Cécile Deneys is from France and is one of the assistants in the Employment and Change (EMPC) research unit. She provides assistance to the unit in the development of the work programmes, publications dissemination and is also involved in several research projects (procurement, budget, preparation of meetings). Before joining the EMPC unit, Cécile worked in another research unit (WCIR) and for several years at the Directorate.  Prior to that, Cécile worked in the private sector in France. Cécile joined Eurofound in 1992.