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Current research

Work programmes

Eurofound works on the basis of four-year rolling programmes which are adopted by its Governing Board. This four-year programme is implemented in annual programmes of work where projects are established to meet the overall objectives.

Research priorities

Eurofound's strategic objective for 2013–2016 is to provide high-quality, timely and policy-relevant knowledge as input to better informed policies in four priority areas:

  1. Increasing labour market participation and combating unemployment by creating jobs, improving labour market functioning and promoting integration
  2. Improving working conditions and making work sustainable throughout the life course
  3. Developing industrial relations to ensure equitable and productive solutions in a changing policy context
  4. Improving standards of living and promoting social cohesion in the face of economic disparities and social inequalities

Eurofound will provide facts and figures, show trends and analyse policies and practices as the basis of evidence-based advice for the development of policy responses in these four policy priority areas.

Eurofound projects in 2014

The focus of Eurofound’s 2014 work programme will be on providing knowledge that will help to address Europe’s employment and social crisis.

In relation to employment, Eurofound will continue to provide information on ongoing changes in the employment structure. To support policies aimed at combating unemployment, the focus will be on job creation in SMEs and on initiatives for young people. For those in employment, sustainable working conditions throughout working life, as well as company practices that improve both working conditions and company performance, will be central research interests. The social crisis experienced in many Member States is closely related to the tightening of public budgets. Public services will receive special attention, with research examining how access, quality and effectiveness are impacted by the crisis and aiming to identify where and how they have successfully adapted to the dual challenge of increased demand for services and declining resources. These questions will guide research on a number of specific services and on social benefits. Intelligent use of scarce public funds means finding the right balance between serving immediate needs and investing today for long-term returns. By providing figures illustrating the costs of inaction, Eurofound aims to assist policy initiatives that require long-term social investment.

For more information on Eurofound's current projects, please see the projects page.

Page last updated: 22 January, 2014