Access to internal Eurofound documents

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Members of the public can apply for access to Eurofound documents. Giving the public access to its internal documents is seen by Eurofound as an important component of its broader information policy of giving as full a picture as possible of Eurofound’s activities.

EC Regulation (No)1049/2001 of May 2001 regarding public access to internal documents of the European Parliament, Council and Commission was extended to the agencies in September 2003. In March 2004 the Administrative Board (now Governing Board) of Eurofound adopted implementing rules (pdf, 91kb), for applying the regulation.

Broadly speaking EC (No) 1049/2001 states that members of the public have a right of access to internal, unpublished documents of Eurofound subject to the principles, conditions and limits defined in the regulation.

In order to help the public identify documents that may be of interest to them, the regulation provides for the existence of a register of public documents with direct links to the documents themselves, as far as possible.

The minutes of the Governing Board are available.  Other documents may be requested; a short guide explains how to exercise your right of access.

From 2017 Eurofound will deposit its historical archives at the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence.