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A total of 28 governments are linked institutionally to Eurofound. Each Member State has a government representative on the Governing Board, usually an official from the ministry with the employment or social affairs portfolio.

As the Governing Board adopts Eurofound’s work programmes and proposes its budget, the Member State governments have significant influence on the functioning of Eurofound. The Member State governments together (in their role as EU Council) created Eurofound and continue to finance it through the general EU budget.

Governments, like the social partners and the EU institutions, are among the highest-priority target groups for Eurofound products and services:

  • as legislators they have a primary role in improving living and working conditions for EU citizens;
  • as employers they directly affect the working conditions of significant numbers of those citizens.

An important strand of the Eurofound’s communication strategy focuses on providing governments with knowledge and services that assist them in the fulfilment of these roles. Such cooperation may take the form of customised reports based on existing Eurofound data.