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Institutionally, Eurofound is a tripartite body, governed by a Governing Board composed of representatives of public authorities (EU and national governments), employers and trade unions.

Eurofound engages with a much broader range of groups and individuals. Civil society in its different manifestations (NGOs, general public, academia, and so on) is consulted about the formulation of Eurofound's work programmes and is briefed on the outcome of those programmes.

Some groups are more closely associated with Eurofound than others, depending on their degree of relevance to its work. The European Platform of Social NGOs, for example, is an important conduit for Eurofound’s engagement with civil society. As such, it regularly participates in events and other elements of Eurofound’s work.

The academic and research community is an important user of Eurofound's knowledge. Furthermore, researchers and other academics are frequently selected (through open tender procedure) to carry out field research for Eurofound.

All groups and individuals have access to the results of Eurofound’s work – those results being in the public domain either through the web or in printed form.