Social partners

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Given Eurofound’s mandate – to advise on how to improve living and working conditions – the relationship between Eurofound and the social partners is necessarily a close one. Trade unions and employers comprise two sides of Eurofound’s tripartite Governing Board (the third being public authorities).

Each side of the social partnership within each Member State has a representative on the Board, ensuring a reflection of the diversity of the industrial relations systems and culture within the EU. The representatives in each case are drawn from those national confederations that are organised at European Union level by ETUC and BUSINESSEUROPE.

Representatives of ETUC and of BUSINESSEUROPE attend the meetings of the Governing Board as observers. As primary users of Eurofound’s services and products, the social partners can ensure (through membership of the Governing Board) that Eurofound’s work is relevant to their needs. Such cooperation may take the form of customised reports based on existing Eurofound data.

Providing knowledge and expertise to the social partners in a timely and useable manner is a priority objective for Eurofound. No project is implemented without their active involvement and all Eurofound events include speakers representing the social partners.