Vacancy notice - Ref.: EF/TA/09/08

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Notice of Open Competition



Eurofound, based in Dublin, Ireland is an autonomous body established by a regulation of the Council of Ministers of the European Communities. Eurofound is organising an open competition to fill a vacancy and to form a reserve list for the recruitment of a:

(Temporary Agent, Category AD5)

Eurofound is an equal opportunity employer.

Candidates are asked to give careful attention to this notice of competition and to apply only through Eurofound’s online recruitment system.


Reporting to the Head of the Living Conditions and Quality of Life unit, the Research Officer will work in close cooperation with Research Managers in managing research projects, planning and conducting surveys, maintaining observatories, conducting research, preparing reports and presenting information in line with Eurofound’s work programme and the needs of its stakeholders.

The role requires:

  • A good understanding of social policies and policy-related issues concerning living and working conditions, community and workplace developments in the overall context of the European Union;
  • The ability to contribute to the preparation and implementation of the Foundation’s work programmes and, in particular:
    • contribute to the development, implementation and assessment of research and monitoring projects within the Living Conditions and Quality of Life team;
    • liaise and communicate with officials of the EU bodies and Member States, representatives of the social partners and NGOs;
    • prepare reviews, articles and research reports;
    • prepare and organise meetings both in the Living Conditions and Quality of Life area and with colleagues in other sections of Eurofound;
    • prepare, organise and ensure reporting from conferences, workshops and other meetings of Eurofound;
    • undertake enquiries, ad-hoc analyses and media activities as requested;
    • exploit and prepare the dissemination of findings and other information of relevance to the Community institutions, social partners and the Member States;
    • initiate debate, make presentations, organise and run seminars, workshops and other meetings;
    • other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned.


The competition is open to candidates who, by the closing date for applications, fulfil the following conditions:


  • You must be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union;
  • You must be entitled to your full rights as a citizen;
  • You must have fulfilled any obligations imposed on you by the laws concerning military service;
  • You must be able to produce character references as to suitability for performance of the duties specified;
  • You must have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Union. As English is the main working language of Eurofound, proficiency in English is required to a level necessary for the performance of your duties. The post of Research Officer requires a high level of English [see 1];
  • have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more in the areas of social sciences, economics or related disciplines;


  • have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and appropriate professional experience of at least one year when the normal period of university education is at least three years (this one year’s professional experience cannot be included in the post-graduate professional experience required below);
  • have (in addition to the above) at least two years relevant professional experience.



  • Experience of social policy analysis and research and a proven grasp of research methodologies including quantitative methods;
  • Good knowledge of policy issues concerned with living conditions in the EU, e.g public services, social exclusion, demographic change, migration;
  • Knowledge of European institutions and bodies and EU social policy;
  • Very good writing and oral communication skills, particularly in English;
  • The ability to work well in a team;
  • Good communication, presentation, facilitation and interpersonal skills;
  • Computer literate, with a high level of competence in Microsoft Office applications.


  • Competence in statistical software packages such as SPSS, STATA, SAS;
  • Understanding of tripartism as reflected in the Governing Board of Eurofound;
  • Capacity to handle administrative work, with the ability to work comfortably with legal and administrative rules and procedures;
  • Experience in project management;
  • Ability to cope concurrently with several tasks and to work to deadlines under pressure;
  • Experience of working in a multicultural environment.

As the successful candidate, in addition to meeting the above requirements, you will be expected to take the initiative for developing the knowledge and expertise necessary to perform effectively and will keep up-to-date with latest developments in terms of policies, actors and organizations. You will adopt a strategic and creative approach to work and problem-solving. You will be a team player who is comfortable with managing work in a planned and structured way and will be experienced in motivating others, giving leadership and taking decisions where necessary. You will be able to communicate ideas, thoughts and concepts to colleagues, the Eurofound stakeholders and audience clearly and with ease, both orally and in writing.

You must be able to prove that you meet the conditions for admission by means of appropriate documents (copies of diplomas, certificates from university authorities and employers, etc).


The competition will be based on an examination of application forms, followed by testing and interviewing of short-listed candidates.

A.    Examination of Applications

       1.  A list of candidates who have submitted their applications (using the official application form and by the closing date specified - see Section V) and who fulfil the eligibility criteria set out in Section II A, will be drawn up. The list and the application forms will be forwarded to the Selection Committee. Candidates are required to submit a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae in English, together with their application.

       2.  The Selection Committee will examine the applications and draw up a list of candidates who fulfil the selection criteria set out in Section II B.

It will base its decision exclusively on the information given on the application form and accompanying documentation. Candidates who do not fulfil the requisite conditions for admission under Section II or who have not properly completed their application will be excluded at this stage.

The most suitable candidates will be invited to interview(s) with the Selection Committee. Candidates will also be required to take written tests in:

  • English (or in their second language if their mother tongue is English)
  • EU / Eurofound knowledge (in English)
  • a competencies test (in English).

Failure to achieve the qualifying mark in any of the tests will result in exclusion from the competition.

       3.  Information to candidates:

At the end of each stage, candidates will be informed of the decisions taken in their case.

B.   Reserve List

A reserve list of suitable candidates will be drawn up by Eurofound.

The list can be used as a reserve for recruitment should additional vacancies arise in the Living Conditions Unit or in other units where a similar profile is required. It will be valid for up to two years from the closing date for this competition and may be extended.  Successful candidates will be duly informed of any extension.


Contract, category and grade:

The successful candidate will be recruited to Function Group AD, Grade 5, as Temporary Agent with a contract of indefinite duration.

In exceptional circumstances, a fixed-term Temporary Agent contract may be offered.

Place of employment:

Dublin, Ireland. Residence within reasonable distance of Eurofound’s offices will be required.


The initial basic monthly salary will be according to Function Group AD, Grade 5, step 1 (from €4,838 per month after all deductions for tax, etc. [see 2]), to Function Group AD, Grade 5, step 2 of the salary table under Article 66 of the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities, depending on the candidate’s training and professional experience. It will, where appropriate, be increased by the allowances set out in the relevant Staff Regulations.

Remuneration is subject to Community tax and other deductions laid down in the Staff Regulations. It is, however, exempt from any national taxation.

The salary is subject to the Irish weighting factor which is currently 121.9%.


Submission of applications
A completed application form, detailed curriculum vitae (European format: see and a letter of motivation should be submitted through the Eurofound online recruitment system. Following submission of your application, the system will automatically generate an email acknowledgement, with your candidate number.
In order to be considered, applications must be received before 14.00 (GMT) on 6 November 2009.
Correspondence: please quote your candidate number on all correspondence.


  • Candidates must use the official application form associated with this Vacancy Notice on the Foundation’s website at
  • The application form must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae (Europass version) and a letter of motivation. Incomplete applications will not be admitted to the competition.
  • The application form should be completed in English.
  • Applications must be submitted using the Eurofound online recruitment system.
  • In preparing their applications, candidates may in no event refer to documents, applications or other forms submitted in connection with previous applications.
  • Please ensure that the email address provided on your application is correct (and that your mailbox is not full), as most correspondence will be by email. 
  • Candidates who are invited for interview will be required to produce copies of their diplomas, academic qualifications and employment certificates, with proof of nationality.
  • Candidates are asked to report any change of address in writing without delay, mentioning the candidate number.
  • Candidates are reminded that the Selection Committee’s work and deliberations are confidential. It is forbidden for candidates to make direct or indirect contact with the Selection Committee or for anybody to do so on their behalf. All enquiries or requests for information or documentation in relation to the competition should be addressed to the Secretary to the Selection Committee (email:


Any personal data provided by the candidate shall be processed pursuant to European Regulation related to personal data protection, in particular Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movements of such data. It shall be processed solely for the purposes of the performance, management and follow-up of information requested by the candidate. The candidate shall have the right of access to his personal data and the right to rectify any such data that is inaccurate or incomplete. Should the candidate have any queries concerning the processing of his/her personal data, he shall address them to the Data Protection Officer, Eurofound, Wyattville Road, Dublin 18, Ireland.


[1]  Please note that - before first promotion to a higher grade - staff are required to have a satisfactory level of a third official language of the EU

[2] Including 16% expatriation allowance - family allowances may be added as appropriate.