Social protection

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Social protection provisions are key instruments for reducing social risks, combating poverty and promoting greater social cohesion. They are also contributing factors to a person’s quality of life.

The modernisation of social protection and social services and in particular the impacts of quality improvement initiatives on both service to clients and on working conditions have been a focus for Eurofound research.

Access to, and quality of, health services are assessed in the European Quality of Life Surveys.

Issues around

have been highlighted in Eurofound studies.

The European Monitoring Centre on Change has selected the health and social services sector for examination, looking at trends and drivers of change at sectoral level.



  • European Quality of Life Surveys
    The European Quality of Life Surveys (EQLS)  provide analysis on a range of topics, including access to public services, housing, commuting, work-life balance, time use, and social capital
  • EMCC – European Monitoring Centre on Change
    A place for exchanging practice, information and ideas on the management and anticipation of change
  • EurLIFE - an interactive database of statistical indicators
    Describes living conditions and quality of life in Europe; it includes data from Eurofound's surveys on living and working conditions, and from other comparable EU-wide data sources