Work-life balance

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How can Europe balance work-life commitments, while moving towards the full employment target of the Lisbon agenda? As well as aiming to create more and better jobs, policymakers across the EU are increasingly faced with the pressing issues of flexibility at work, pension reform, time management, and labour market restructuring.

Eurofound has addressed these and many other issues in its research. A recent initiative in this area is the survey on working time and work-life balance policies, in companies throughout the EU.

The recent report Second European Quality of Life Survey: Family life and work explores the subject of work and family life across Europe, looking at ways to find a better balance between the demands of work and family responsibilities.

In 2004, the Foundation Forum Living to work - working to live: Tomorrow's work-life balance in Europe brought together high-level European representatives and experts, to provide greater insight into the future direction of this debate.