Качество на публичните услуги по време на пандемията от COVID-19

Eurofound’s unique e-survey, Living, working and COVID-19, provides a snapshot of the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives, with the aim of helping policymakers to bring about an equal recovery from the crisis. Three rounds of the e-survey have been carried out to date.

  • Round 1: Launched on 9 April 2020 when most Member States were in their first lockdown
  • Round 2: July 2020 when economies and societies were gradually reopening
  • Round 3: March 2021, almost a year on, as countries were still dealing with various levels of lockdown to curb the spread of new strains of the virus, while vaccination programmes were rolled out.

The data cover a range of topics including fairness of support measures, the experience of online schooling and education, online healthcare and unmet healthcare needs, and access to online public services. Compare the data for each round and explore by country, gender and age.

Основни констатации

  • Достъпът до здравни услуги представлява все по-голямо предизвикателство за много европейци. Над 20 % от респондентите не са могли да получат достъп до медицински преглед или лечение по време на пандемията. За прекъсвания в основните здравни услуги и за неудовлетворени потребности от здравни грижи се съобщава най-често в Унгария, Португалия и Латвия.

Background and data collection

  • Fieldwork : Round 1: 9 April–1 May 2020;Round 2: 22 June–27 July 2020; Round 3: 15 February–30 March 2021
  • Sample size : Round 1: 86,457 (63,354 complete responses for EU27); Round 2: 31,732 (24,123 complete responses for EU27); Round 3: 62,518 (46,800 complete responses for EU27)
  • Target population: People aged 18 and over
  • Spatial coverage of the data visualisation: EU27
  • Data collection mode: Online
  • Respondent recruitment: Snowballing and advertisements on social media
  • Publisher: Eurofound
  • Copyright: Copyright policy
  • Working paperLiving, working and COVID-19: Methodological Annex to Round 1
  • Working paper: Living, working and COVID-19: Methodological Annex to Round 2
Suggested citation

Eurofound (2020), Living, working and COVID-19 dataset, Dublin, http://eurofound.link/covid19data

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Във връзка с оттеглянето на Обединеното кралство от Европейския съюз на 31 януари 2020 г., следва да се отбележи, че данните, публикувани на уебсайта на Eurofound, може да включват 28-те държави — членки на ЕС, тъй като Обединеното кралство е част от обхвата на предишни изследвания. Това ще бъде постепенно променено така, че да отразява настоящия брой от 27 държави — членки на ЕС.