Digitalisation of Work Conference

Ср., 19/09/2018
Ср., 19/09/2018

The conference is organised with the support of the European Commission and scheduled to build a bridge between the Informal meeting of the Social Protection Committee (SPC) and the Informal meeting of the Employment Committee (EMCO).

The conference will focus on issues relating to the quality of work in the context of new forms of work. It will address the following aspects:

  • the organisation of work in the context of new forms of work
  • the organisation of employment relationships in the platform economy

New forms of work on the one hand create new opportunities for work and may open up new opportunities as regards, for instance, access to the labour market. On the other hand, however, some forms pose new challenges related to labour law, working conditions and social protection. In addition to questions about working hours and the extent of work, as well as virtual migration and algorithmic management, the conference addresses, among other things, opportunities for worker participation as well as changes in employer–employee relationships.

In order to properly tackle the challenges related to new forms of work, it is thus necessary to address these issues not only at the national but also at the European level and to promote the exchange of information and good practices.

Irene Mandl, Head of Employment Unit, Eurofound, will present new research on 'Digital age: Employment and working conditions of selected types of platform work'.

Venue Details
Austria Center Vienna
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