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House for Business Creation and Transfer

Phase: Management
  • Advice
  • Start-up support
  • Support of business transfers
  • Support of SMEs
Last modified: 03 August, 2021
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Maison de la Création et de la Transmission d'Entreprises (MCTE)

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House for Business Creation and Transfer


This is available to all those who wish to create or take over a business in the Maine-et-Loire region and who need support, whatever size of the business they want to create or take over.

Main characteristics

Launched in August 2004 by the State, the Maine-et-Loire general regional council, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this instrument aims to:

  • support local economic development by promoting the creation and takeover of companies;
  • contribute to the diversity of offers and making them more accessible;
  • ensure that business transfers are completed successfully.

To this end, the Houses for Business Creation and Transfer (there are three branches in Angers, Cholet and Saumur) are presented as a one-stop-shop and offer a range of support services, including meetings with specialists, information forums, and one-to-one consultations.


  • Local funds
  • Regional funds
  • National funds
  • European funds
  • Employers' organisation

Involved actors

National government
Regional/local government
Cofunding (Maine-et-Loire general council; Angers Loire metropolitan community; prefecture of Maine-et-Loire)
Public employment services
Partnership with Pôle Emploi
Employer or employee organisations
Cofunding (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Maine-et-Loire)
European funds provided in the Maine-et-Loire region (Les fonds européens en Maine-et-Loire).


In 2013, the number of individual contacts that had been made was of 44,883. This number had been multiplied by 1.6 since 2010.

Some 5,264 businesses were created in 2014 in the region (almost half of them being self-employment structures), and 3,201 were facilitated by the support offered by the Houses for Business Creation and Transfer. In 2016, 5,006 businesses were created in the region, 31% of them being own account workers, and 2,822 were facilitated by the support offered by the Houses for Business Creation and Transfer.

In 2018, 6,140 business were created in the region (37% of them being self-employment structures). The latest regional Business Observatory report (2019) provides information about a sample of business creators supported by the MCTE in 2019, based on a survey about business creation projects supported by the measure in 2019. The number of business creators supported by the MCTE was of 7,250 in 2019 and 25% of them answered the survey: 44%  of the respondents completed their project (compared to 49% in 2018); main sectors covered were crafts, hotels and restaurants, services to businesses, health; a wide majority of projects are business creation carried out by new entrepreneurs (56% of them were job seekers and 32% employees).


This instrument eases the process of creating, selling and taking over a company at local level.


It may duplicate other similar instruments, such as Transentreprises, that has a larger geographical scope.


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