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Management Development

Phase: Anticipation
  • Access to finance
  • Advice
  • Support of companies' growth
  • Support of SMEs
  • Training
Last modified: 08 January, 2021
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Management Development

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Management Development


The programme is open to owners and senior managers of micro, small and medium sized companies in all sectors of the economy.

Main characteristics

Management Development offers a suite of programmes run by Skillnet Ireland to help business owners, managers and management teams achieve better results.

It runs several programmes including:

Accredited programmes:

  • Leading people and teams;
  • Postgraduate IMI Diploma in leadership;
  • Postgraduate IMI Diploma in strategy and innovation;
  • Postgraduate IMI Diploma in management;
  • BSc (Hons) in management practice.

Coach led programmes:

  • Strategic business planning;
  • Lean business;
  • Management team alignment;
  • Driving team dynamics;
  • Leading people and teams;
  • Business leadership;
  • Business growth.

Team programmes:

  • Strategic business planning;
  • Management team alignment;
  • Driving team dynamics.

Management Development is designed to raise awareness of the sources of finance available through its business growth and business leadership programmes; to increase confidence and ability to discuss firms' finances; to increase confidence and ability to make a case for securing finance for businesses; to increase understanding of how banks are assessing credit applications in a non-asset backed application; and to raise awareness of how the Credit Review Office might assist businesses, in the event that an application for credit is declined.


  • National funds

Involved actors

National government
Department of Education and Skills
Management Development is an initiative of Skillnets Ltd., established by the Government's Action Plan for Jobs 2012.


Management Development has assisted business people across a wide range of services, such as radio, property management, energy companies and accountancy.

An Indecon independent evaluation from 2018 mentioned the following:

  • 87.5% of participant firms agreed that the programme activities were focused on the delivery of skills that were vital to drive growth and competitiveness in their business;
  • 67.3% of Management Development programme participant enterprises either strongly agreed or agreed that they had the opportunity to influence the design of management training, reflecting the opportunity for collaboration and cocreation within a Skillnet Ireland network;
  • 84.8% of firms that participated in management development training during 2018 strongly agreed (44.8%) or agreed (40%) that the training has enabled some staff to train for the first time.


Each of the Management Development programmes carry positive testimonials. An example is from Dylan Traynor, Manufacturing Team Leader, Barclay Chemicals, who said the content 'was relevant to my job, with lots of interaction and discussion-based classes.'



While not necessarily a weakness of the training provided by the programme, the costs associated with Management Development increased significantly in 2018, which is explained by Indecon as a possible reflection of the 'evolving nature of management development training since this area of Skillnet Ireland’s remit was reformed in 2017/18.'



The following is a list of businesses that have availed of MangementWorks services: TMS car servicing; Clubs to Hire (golf club rental); Sandymount Hotel; OCBs cafe; Cases Wine Warehouse; Bluebird Care Galway; Relish cafe; Food Solutions ltd; Wolfe Cycles; Carlingford Oyster company; and Greenes Shoes.
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