Brussels Liaison Office

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The Brussels Liaison Office contributes to the strategic management and overall communication policy of Eurofound towards its stakeholders at EU level.

Its mission is to:

  • strengthen the visibility and impact of Eurofound research on policymaking at EU level by developing and broaden the cooperation with the EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, European Economic and social Committee, Committee of the Regions) and with representatives of the social partners and civil society. Such cooperation may take the form of customised reports based on existing Eurofound data.
  • monitor developments in EU policymaking on behalf of Eurofound.

The Brussels Liaison Office team is composed of the Head of the BLO Pierre Baussand, and Information Officers Marina Patriarka and Yolanda Torres Revenga.

Where to find the BLO in Brussels?

Avenue d’Auderghem, 20
B – 1040 Brussels