CLIP – Equality and diversity in jobs and services


The second research module of the CLIP project examined policies and practices in twenty five cities in terms of municipal employment and municipal service provision. Equality and diversity policies in relation to employment and service provision for migrants in the municipality was the main focus. It is crucial that migrants are able to access both of these fully, without suffering discrimination. By having greater control over these two key aspects of integration cities are well placed to promote migrant integration.
This module examined:

  • City approaches to equality and diversity
  • Employment: policy, practice and outcomes
  • Services provision: policy, practice and outcomes

Findings from the case studies (carried out in 2008) show that cities are at very different stages in the development of policies and practices in relation to the employment of migrants and people of migration background and with regard to the services provided for these groups. It is recommended that cities should give greater priority to policy areas concerning these two integration measures. The cities should emphasize these issues within a broader integration, diversity or equality strategy, reviewing their current approach where necessary.

The following table presents some of the specific recommendations from the module on diversity:

Recommendations Module on Diversity
For European policymakers - Review legal restrictions on access of non-EEA nationals to municipal jobs
- Boost awareness of the role of cities as key employers
For EU Member States - Include local public employers in national integration plans
- Review procedures for recognising qualifications of migrants
For local policy makers - Review recruitment procedures and procedural barriers to employment
- Implement effective monitoring and accountability


Case studies from cities in the network are available for download. The overview report Equality and diversity in jobs and services: City policies for migrants in Europe documents a range of positive initiatives taken by municipalities to remove barriers to employment and to provide services without discrimination. A résumé of this report incorporating a set of guidelines for good practice to help cities cope more effectively with the challenge of integrating migrants is also available.