CLIP - European network of cities for local integration policies for migrants

CLIP logoCLIP is a network of 30 European cities working together to support the social and economic integration of migrants. The CLIP network composition is threefold. It operates under the aegis of a number of European organisations, it comprises a network of European cities and is supported by a group of specialist European research centres.

The full CLIP network (steering committee, research group and cities) meets twice a year. By encouraging the structured sharing of experiences through the medium of separate city reports and workshops covering four research modules, the network enables local authorities to learn from each other and to deliver a more effective integration policy. For each of the four research modules one specific issue relevant to the integration of migrants in relation to the role of local authorities is examined.

  • the first module researched by CLIP was on housing – segregation, access to, quality and affordability of housing for migrants - which has been identified as a major issue impacting on migrants’ integration into ‘host societies’
  • the second module examined equality and diversity policies in relation to employment within city administrations and in their provision of services
  • the focus of the third module is on intercultural policies and intergroup relations
  • the final module looked at ethnic entrepreneurship.