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Every four years Eurofound reviews its strategy and the orientation to be given to its work and after widespread consultation prepares a four-year rolling programme. Within the context of the four-year programme, a detailed annual programme of work is prepared and proposed for adoption by the Management Board.

The programmes are the outcome of detailed deliberations of the groups making up the Management Board as well as with the Institutions of the Union.

  • 27 Březen 2002 | Work programme

    The second annual programme of work based on the Foundation's four-year programme 2001-2004: analysing and anticipating change to support socio-economic progress. The principles of the programme include developing and consolidating the main areas of activity: research / development, debate / discussion, information / dissemination; and strengthening core areas of expertise - working conditions, living conditions and industrial relations.

  • 20 Duben 2001 | Work programme

    The first annual programme of work based on the Foundation's new four-year- programme 2001-2004: analysing and anticipating change to support socio-economic progress.

  • 29 Březen 2001 | Work programme

    This booklet contains an abridged version of the four year rolling programme. The Foundation's seventh four-year programme aims both to provide continuity, building on the expertise established over the past 25 years, and innovation, exploring new and emerging issues and addressing the societal changes and the continuing challenge to improve living and working conditions.

  • 08 Únor 2000 | Work programme

    The programme of work for 2000 is set out under the six challenges which formed the framework of the present four-year rolling programme 1997-2000: employment; equal opportunities; health and well-being; sustainable development; social cohesion; participation.

  • 24 Únor 1999 | Work programme

    This document gives a summary of the activities planned by the Foundation in 1999, within the framework of its four-year rolling programme 1997-2000, ‘Facing up to the challenges of European society’.

  • 27 Listopad 1997 | Work programme

    Globalization of the market, the impact of the information society, demographic and structural change and a persistently high level of unemployment; together these factors are placing unprecedented pressure on the economic and social structure of the European Union. In this context, the Foundation has examined the contribution it can make to the planning and establishment of better living and working conditions as we move toward the 21st century. Employment will be the key focus for its future work.