23rd European Social Services Conference: Building partnerships to improve lives

Po, 06/07/2015
St, 08/07/2015
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ESN’s 23rd European Social Services Conference, taking place in Lisbon, will explore the evidence and experiences in service and sector partnership and what this means for people’s lives, service efficiency and the impact on social welfare landscape for the future.

Building social service partnerships for people with care, health, educational, housing and employment needs can deliver more personalised assessment and improve outcomes, a focus on integrated community living and better use of public budgets. As people increasingly connect with each other using a wide range of mobile technologies, how should government and industry develop solutions to build partnerships, integrate services and improve lives?

Eurofound contribution

Eurofound will participate actively in this event, running the following workshop:

Response to crisis in long term care:
The workshop will discuss strategies on how to address the impact of the economic crisis on long-term care in Europe. Eurofound’s report on Access to healthcare in times of crisis will be presented which highlights cuts in social care and the impact on access to health care services. Moreover, two case studies from Hungary and Latvia will illustrate a shift from residential care to home care particularly in the Latvian case and also an increased cooperation between health and social services in the Hungarian case. The workshop will discuss how services can cooperate in terms of hospital discharge of older people (case study from Ireland), community support and the quality of service in light of the crisis.

Eurofound will have a publications stand in the exhibition hall for the duration of the conference.

More information on the programme and workshops is available.

Venue Details
EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel
Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco 15, 1070-100 Lisbon
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