Putting the spotlight on mobility and migration issues / Eurofound News, January 2016

In December 2015, Eurofound published a package of material on issues related to mobility and migration in the EU, including two key reports: Social dimension of intra-EU mobility: Impact on public services and Challenges of policy coordination for third-country nationals. This second report looks at policy coordination between Member States and the role of the social partners in relation to third-country migration. In addition, the latest issue of Foundation Focus brings together a range of articles on the subject, exploring the policy background and practical issues related to movement between EU countries and into the EU from third countries. These publications touch on the topics to be covered in the Commission’s Labour Mobility Package due in 2016: better coordination of social security systems, an enhanced European Employment Service and a targeted review of the Posting of Workers Directive. For more, see Eurofound’s new spotlight area on mobility and migration which features related articles, events and resources.

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