OGB-L immigrants' department submits specific demands

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In May 1999, the immigrants' department of Luxembourg's OGB-L trade union confederation has called for the regularisation of the position of foreign workers in an irregular situation, and for the introduction of a 40-hour working week in the hotels, catering and cafés sector.

Delegates from six regional committees of the immigrants' department of the Luxembourg Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (Onofhängege Gewerkschafts-Bond Lëtzebuerg, OGB-L), and representing almost 14,000 members, held their annual meeting on 22 May 1999.

Like their colleagues in the Luxembourg Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtleche Gewerkschafts-Bond, LCGB) a month earlier (LU9905105N), the representatives called for the "immediate regularisation of all workers in an irregular situation who have registered with social security" and also "a review of the law on issuing work permits so that workers will have a permit allowing them access to all sectors and employers after they have been in the country for a year". The OGB-L delegates also made specific criticisms of the hotels, catering and cafés industry, where many immigrant workers are employed. This sector is not covered by working hours legislation, with the result that there is no limit on working hours and no overtime premium rate is payable. Delegates asked the new government, which is likely to be in place by mid-July 1999, to set statutory working time in the sector at 40 hours a week.

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