We want to hear from you! User satisfaction survey launched

User satisfaction survey launched

This survey provides the opportunity for all users of Eurofound services, be they publications, events or the website, to provide their opinion about Eurofound and its work. The feedback will directly feed into Eurofound’s efforts to further improve its products with the aim of increasing the relevance and utility of the Agency’s work. Previous research and a literature review revealed, for example, that research is used in different ways by different types of stakeholders. This survey examines whether these conclusions also apply to Eurofound users.

It runs from 31 October to 1 December and takes about 10 minutes to complete. All input remains completely anonymous.

For participating, please click here: https://www1.surveys.gfk.com/wix/9/p23932729.aspx?l=9&src=GB

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