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Regional labour market information

Phase: Anticipation
  • Provision of labour market information
Sidst ændret: 20 August, 2020
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Regionale arbeidsmarktinformatie

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Regional labour market information


Coverage extends to all companies and the public employment service (PES).

Main characteristics

A range of labour market information systems are in place with the aim to match supply and demand on the labour market at regional level, with an eye on future developments. Increasingly, the regional labour market information is available online. The main users are companies and employees, as well as public authorities and educational institutions. Funding takes place through public authorities, employers and educational institutions. At national level, the UWV (PES, Uitvoeringsorgaan Werknemers Verzekeringen, Employee Insurance Implementing Body) presents regional labour market information (reports, research and labour market dashboard) on the website werk.nl.

These reports are compiled through a combination of ad hoc analysis and forecasting based on information from various sources. The reports contain details on which jobs and sectors show most demand for workers, the employment trends in a given region for the preceding year, and other interesting employment related developments (such as the types of employment benefits paid out in the region and the share of recipients as a proportion of the national population). Also, the reports provide information on which areas of a region’s labour market show the most job opportunities. Other trends and observations are reported as well, such as, in the most recent report for the region Drenthe, on how individuals with disabilities are more vulnerable on the labour market, the increased risk of long term unemployment for workers over 55 years of age, and the gradual disappearance of administrative jobs. 


  • National funds
  • Companies
  • Other

Involved actors

National government
Public employment services
Funding by regional authorities, employers and educational institutions.


There are no recent studies on the effectiveness of regional labour market information. However, the purpose behind these reports is to provide local and regional governments, employment services, and other stakeholders interested in the labour market and its developments. As such, an evaluation is difficult as the main objective of these regional reports is to inform and support. No recent evaluations of this measure appear to be public. 

Looking to other indicators to gauge the effectiveness of the regional labour market information, it is noted in literature that online labour market dashboards seem to be more effective than ‘traditional’ monitoring reports. An indication for this is the upscaling of the labour market dashboard for the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg to other provinces.


Strengths of online labour market dashboards include its user-friendliness. It provides options to link data files and is better able to provide up-to-date information due to the high periodicity (monthly) of the regional labour market information provided by the UWV.


No information available.


Labour market dashboard (Arbeidsmarktdashboard) Noord-Brabant, Limburg, Utrecht and Drenthe. This is an initiative by six regions and the provinces Brabant and Limburg in the Southeast Netherlands united in Brainport Network. In 2018 the connection will be made cross-border with Flanders in Belgium. Consultations are taking place with many other provinces, the ministries and the UWV about the potential to upscale the labour market dashboard. Online labour market dashboard and various periodical publications on regional labour markets by UWV (Region in Sight (Regio in beeld), Basic Figures Youth (Basiscijfers Jeugd), Regional Monthly Figures Labour Market Information (Regionale Maandcijfers Arbeidsmarktinformatie)).
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