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Regional monitoring of structural developments

Phase: Anticipation
  • Provision of labour market information
Sidst ændret: 03 August, 2021
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Regionaler Strukturbericht

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Regional monitoring of structural developments


The monitor covers data from region Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

Main characteristics

Various monitors of regional economic development exist. The Stuttgart monitor is an exceptional case: it reports sectoral and economic developments and was launched by a network comprised of local authorities, the Metalworkers' Federation, the Chamber of Commerce/Crafts and the Institute for Market-Oriented Management (Institut für Marktorientierte Unternehmensführung, IMU).

The annual report analyses sectoral and employment developments and gives suggestions for strategic planning. Monitoring activities are mainly based on administrative data, for example data provided by the Federal Statistical Office. Another monitoring activity on the economic, educational and social development of 11 metropolitan regions is published by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development, together with the Initiative of Metropolitan Regions (IMK). Reports are published on the IMKs homepage.


  • Regional funds

Involved actors

National government
Funding, running of the instrument by local network.
Regional/local government
Funding, running of the instrument by local network.
Public employment services
Local network.
Employer or employee organisations
Active involvement (debate and discussion). Chamber of Crafts Stuttgart, Union IG Metall Stuttgart and IHK Stuttgart.
Research institutes. Publisher association Stuttgart.


The monitor established itself as a business helping tool. It has existed since 1995. 'Stuttgart Monitor' is published every second year covering different themes over the years, such as investment (2015), digital change (2017) and mobility services (2019). 


Provides detailed and current information about regional economic processes.


No information available.


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