Single European currency already creating jobs in Italy

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An agreement signed in Pistoia, Italy in December 1997 by metalworkers' trade unions and the Europa Metalli company has created 20 new jobs, manufacturing the metal to be used in the new Euro coins.

The coming single European currency, the Euro, is already generating employment in Italy. The metal required for Euro coins means more work for employees at the Europa Metalli plant in Campotizzoro in the Pistoia province.

On 18 December 1997, the management of Europa Metalli (part of the European Cabelmetal group controlled by SMI) signed an agreement with the metalworkers' trade unions - Fim-Cisl, Fiom-Cgil and Uilm-Uil- on the production of "Bronzital", an alloy used for Euro coins. Under the agreement, the company will employ 20 new workers on round-the-clock shifts with a pattern of four days' work and two days' rest. The arrangement will ensure business for the company until 2001.

This small and yet meaningful event shows that the Euro is approaching and has brought the workforce at Europa Metalli to almost 200 people, thus increasing employment in a hard-hit area of Tuscany, which has shed many jobs in recent years.

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