Third European Company Survey – Overview report: Workplace practices – Patterns, performance and well-being

The third wave of Eurofound’s European Company Survey was carried out in 2013. It surveyed management representatives in over 24,000 establishments; where available, employee representatives were also interviewed – in 6,800 of these establishments. The European Company Survey captured workplace practices in terms of work organisation, workplace innovation, human resource management, direct participation and social dialogue. After setting out the findings, this report then examines how these practices relate to each other and to the outcomes for companies and workers. Overall, the European Company Survey 2013 finds that establishments that used joint employee-management decision-making on daily tasks, have a moderately  structured internal organisation, make a limited investment in human resource management but have extensive practices for direct participation score best both in terms of company  performance and workplace well-being. An executive summary is available - see Related content.

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