Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey – Round 5 results

First results from round 5 of Eurofound’s unique e-survey Living, working and COVID-19 are now available. The survey, first launched in early 2020, aims to capture the wide-ranging impact of the pandemic on the lives of EU citizens. The fifth round charts the latest developments, looking at how life has changed in Europe over the past two years of closures and restrictions. It also sheds light on a new uncertain reality caused by the war in Ukraine, record high inflation and sharp rises in the cost of living. It provides the most up-to-date picture for policymakers as they respond to these challenges, alongside recovering from the pandemic.


  • 11 July 2022 - 37m 06s - The worst of the Covid pandemic may have passed, but in households across Europe its effects linger longer. Add today’s cost of living crisis, rising inflation and the war in Ukraine to the detrimental impacts of Covid and a distressing picture emerges: of mental health issues - especially among young people - of job loss and job insecurity, and of persistent uncertainty about the future. In this episode of Eurofound Talks, we speak with Daphne Ahrendt, expert on Eurofound’s unique Living, working and COVID-19 e-survey, on these very issues. As Daphne explains, the latest phase of the survey reveals many insights that could help policy-makers respond to the extraordinary circumstances of day-to-day living and working in Europe.



Eurofound gennemfører tre paneuropæiske undersøgelser med henblik på at bidrage til at planlægge og skabe bedre leve- og arbejdsvilkår. Undersøgelserne er en unik kilde til sammenlignende oplysninger om kvaliteten af leve- og arbejdsvilkårene i EU.


Eurofound har to observatorier, der i vidt omfang bygger på det arbejde, der udføres af Eurofounds netværk af europæiske kontaktorganer, såvel som andre forskningsaktiviteter.