Court judgement on working conditions (Lieferando)

In November 2021, the Federal Court in Erfurt decided that food delivery couriers have to be provided with work equipment (including an adequate bike and a smartphone) by their employer. Previously, Lieferando riders only received a small compensation (a credit of €0,25 Cent per hour worked that could only be used with designated companies) for using their own equipment. The case was issued by a courier supported by the trade union for food and restaurant workers (Gewerkschaft Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten, NGG) and brought forward at the Hessian Regional Labour Court in March. After the regional court’s decision in favour of the worker, it was appealed by Lieferando. The Federal Court, however, confirmed the ruling. 

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Gig Economy Project - Employers must provide riders with a bike and mobile phone, German court finds - Brave New Europe 


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