Platform Zelfstandige Ondernemers (PZO)

The platform for self-employed entrepreneurs aims to strengthen independent entrepreneurship through lobbying, the creation of a support structure for entrepreneurs and the promotion of collaborations and networks at local, regional and national level. Among others, the organisation aspires to the modernisation of the current labour law. This is because ever more people work independently and carry out tasks on a freelance basis while the term ‘freelancer’ is not clearly defined in legal or fiscal terms. Due to the particularities of working as an independent entrepreneur (or freelancer), PZO aims to establish a distinctive legal definition for entrepreneurs rather than comparing them to employees or employers. 

The platform understands itself as an association of, for and by its members. As such, it represents the interests of independent entrepreneurs by participating in discussions in the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) and by obtaining a seat in the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER).  


  • Initiative
  • Advice and exchange, Awareness raising, campaigns, information provision
  • Netherlands
  • Employee organisation
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • 2021
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