Advancing quality of work & working conditions for workers in the diverse forms of employment.

Diverse forms of employment are on the rise: temporary work, agency work, platform work, and other multiparty work relationships beyond full time, open ended contracts. The growing variety of workforce and workplace configurations promises opportunities for greater labour market participation, increased worker autonomy and dynamic career paths. Integrating these different types of work arrangements within existing social protection schemes, education systems and other institutional support programs calls for a collaborative approach among all relevant stakeholders — companies, trade unions, advocacy groups, researchers, etcetera. To contribute to that ongoing integration and inspire policy discussion, this report presents the output of a multi-stakeholder dialogue that sheds light on the opportunities and complexities surrounding diverse forms of employment. We concentrate on three main areas that deserve attention and could inform policy responses:(1) access to good quality work, (2) social protections, rights and benefits and (3) skills and career development. This report serves as a first step towards an enduring effort to improve work and working conditions for workers across diverse forms of employment.

Karanovic J. & Stofberg N. (2021), ‘Advancing quality of work & working conditions for workers in the diverse forms of employment.’, Reshaping Work, Future of Work Project Multistakeholder Dialogue, Jan.


  • Research publication
  • EU 27
  • Yes
  • no specific sector focus
  • social protection, work intensity, working time quality, work-life balance, skills and employability, autonomy and control, COVID-19
  • English
  • Reshaping Work
  • 2021
  • Open access
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