Dialogue social et protection sociale dans l’économie des plateformes: Enjeux et pistes d’action (Social dialogue and social protection in the economy of the platforms: challenges and courses of action)

France Strategy, Sharers & Workers (network on work transformations related to digital and the economy of the platforms co-animated by the Ires and Association employment employment Europe society, ASTREES) and the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs ( IGAS) launched in December 2016 a participative reflection, conducted with representatives of digital platforms, trade unionists and experts, around the proposals of the report by Nicolas Amar and Louis-Charles Viossat of IGAS on "Platforms, employment and social protection "published in May 2016.The challenge was twofold: to open a discussion area for platform actors and trade union organizations to make them talk and think about new modes of regulation and to help them to build concrete proposals both on the modalities of dialogue and on labor protections in a non-institutional setting. Two topics were discussed in these parallel working groups: (1) social dialogue and innovative modes of representation and action, and (2) the voluntary contributions of the platforms to the additional / additional social security cover of the self-employed who use them.


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