The Hilfr agreement - negotiating the platform economy in Denmark

The emergence of labour platforms has sparked debates on the level of wage and working conditions on the platforms and the lack of employer status. This report examines the possibilities and challenges for the Danish industrial relations system, the so-called Danish model, in the platform economy. They do so by investigating the first collective agreement negotiated by a Danish platform, the Hilfr-agreement, and ask the questions how and with what results negotiations took place. The analysis is based on nine qualitative interviews with the negotiating parties (the trade unions and the platform company), platform workers, employers´ associations and government officials. The report is structured in five sections. Following the introduction, the Danish platform economy and the key features of the Danish industrial relations model is briefly presented as an important background for the Hilfr agreement. The following section analyses the bargaining process and outcome based on interviews with the involved parties. Then, the agreement and its effects are assessed based on interviews with the key negotiators as well as platform workers. The concluding section summarises the findings as well as discuss their implications and suggest avenues for further research.

Ilsøe A. (2020), ‘The Hilfr agreement - negotiating the platform economy in Denmark’, ISBN 978-87-93320-38-3, 23 Mar.


  • Research publication
  • Denmark
  • Yes
  • household tasks
  • On-location client-determined moderately skilled work
  • Hilfr
  • employment status, income, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue, social protection
  • English
  • University of Copenhagen (Research institute)
  • 2020
  • Open access
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