AXA insurance and Uber

On 25 July 2017, Uber and AXA insurance announced they would work together to provide free accident insurance for Uber drivers in France. This came into effect in autumn 2017. Furthermore, in December 2017, UberEats also offered couriers an insurance package that started in January 2018. From 1 June 2018, a new extended insurance package which includes coverage for accident, injury, illness as well as maternity and paternity benefits, called ‘Partner Protection’, is provided to Uber drivers and UberEats couriers operating in Europe. Additionally, Uber and AXA are collaborating to set up a digital platform containing personalised offers for injury, income, family protection, health cover, retirement and savings.


  • Initiative
  • Provision of insurance and social protection
  • France
  • Other, Platform
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Uber
  • social protection
  • English
  • 2021
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