Belgian Platform Rider Association (ASBL)

The Belgian Platform Rider Association (ASBL or ‘PRA’, short for ‘the association’) is a non-profit association striving to improve mobility and traffic safety in Belgium. To facilitate this, the ASBL aims to increase its members’ access to alternative transportation services via platforms such as Uber. Furthermore, it promotes the usage of non-motorised ways of transportation. A particular objective is to represent passenger-users' interests in the context of LVC (car rental with driver) platforms.  

According to its statutes, the association ‘ensures the centralisation and aggregation of demand for chauffeur driven car rental services on behalf of its adhering members and facilitates their access to such services by entering, on behalf of its adhering members, into framework contracts of car rental with a driver (LVC) with various licensed professionals (LVC Companies)’ (see here). This means that drivers must enter a framework rental contract with the ASBL in order to obtain their LVC license, which enables them to use apps such as Uber in Brussels. 


  • Initiative
  • Code of conduct, standards
  • Belgium
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Uber
  • Sector aspects, competition, lobbying
  • 2021
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