Collectif des Courier-e-s (Couriers Collective)

The Couriers Collective originates in Belgium in 2016 and organises bike couriers of several food delivery platforms, such as UberEats, Deliveroo and TakeAway. It is supported by the National Union of Employees (Centrale Nationale des Employés, CNE) and the Transport and Communications (Transcom) division of the General Christian Trade Union (Algemene Christelijke Vakbond, ACV). The Collective aims to negotiate better working conditions for the riders. To that end, it has organised several strikes. Furthermore, it organises meetings, liaises with other initiatives across Europe and has set up a ‘strike bank’ to collect money to support striking workers.

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  • Initiative
  • Negotiation of working conditions, Organising and representing workers
  • Belgium
  • Employee organisation, Worker
  • Yes
  • transport
  • industrial action, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue, social protection
  • French
  • 2021
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