Common Platforms (Plateformes en Communs) and Association La Coop des Communs

Common Platforms (Plateformes en communs) is a community of fair or open digital platforms and a learning community of platform cooperatives. Plateformes en Communs is created in 2017 by La Coop des Communs

Common Platforms (Plateformes en communs) is a community of fair or open digital platforms, including various kinds of members (project leaders, experts, activists). It is also a learning community of platform cooperatives, who share the following principles in their models:

  • Inclusive governance of their stakeholders
  • Fair sharing of the value generated by the interactions
  • Data ethics
  • Fair working conditions for the involved workers
  • Cooperation among platform cooperatives

These principles are shared in the charter of the group.

Plateformes en Communs has four main objectives:

  • Gather: create a French community of platform cooperatives;
  • Highlight: communicate together about fair services provided by the platforms;
  • Produce: create common tools between communities and platforms to accelerate solution solving and innovation.
  • Help: document the innovative practices of platforms about their governance, their production of commons and be a place for experience sharing.

Plateformes en Communs has been created in 2017 by La Coop des Communs , a French association which gathers cutting-edge thinkers and producers of commons: researchers, activists, civil servants, entrepreneurs from the social economy. La Coop des Communs leads the Co-Communs group, who wants to promote commons with the support of cooperatives, municipalities and trade unions in Europe.


  • Initiative
  • Organising and representing platforms
  • France
  • Business association, Other
  • Yes
  • platform cooperatives, representation, industrial relations, social dialogue
  • French
  • 2021
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