Deliveroo and Qover

In May 2018, Deliveroo collaborated with the insurer Qover to provide private insurance for food delivery couriers in the 12 countries in which Deliveroo is operational, thereby covering an estimated 35,000 workers. The insurance was initially introduced in Belgium as a test, and was extended to the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands within a month. The company will provide its riders free accident insurance to cover up to €7,500 of medical expenses and up to 75% of average gross income during temporary inactivity for a maximum of 30 days. The riders will also have access to public liability insurance which covers them up to €5 million. In addition, riders will be protected for one hour once they have logged off, thereby ensuring they are covered for the way home.

In August 2019, Deliveroo ceased its operation in Germany to focus on other markets around Europe and Asia-Pacific region. As a result, around 1,100 registered Deliveroo riders would be no longer able to enjoy the private insurance provided by Qover. Compensations will be provided, including a one-off pay equal to 10 days’ pay and a second payment equal to two weeks’ pay, in addition to any other outstanding fees owed. Only riders who have been active in the last 12 weeks will be eligible for the compensation, and the rate of compensation is calculated based on their average weekly earnings over that period.

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