Riders for rights (Rider xi diritti)

In May 2020, the union Riders for rights (Rider xi diritti) was established by riders from various Italian cities. The main aim is to protect riders from income and health risks, as most riders are working for digital food delivery platforms without an employment contract and therefore cannot enjoy employment benefits, such as sick pay or holidays. According to the union, riders’ working conditions have become worse during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the demand for the sector multiplied while the pay per delivery has largely reduced. Meanwhile, riders are provided with inadequate or little sanitary devices which further exposes them to serious health risks.

On 26 March 2021, the union launched a national strike day throughout Italy, demanding the full rights and protections for all riders who are usually working in extreme precariousness. The campaign has involved various parties. Apart from the riders, the union is also seeking for the cooperation of citizens, consumers, restaurants that use delivery services, asking them not to place or take any orders on 26 March. Bologna City Council has approved an agenda that invites citizens to join the strike day. The campaign has also gained the support of NIdiL Cgil of Modena (More information of NIdiL Cgil can be found here).

Meanwhile, the riders reject the agreements signed by AssoDelivery and UGL which continues to consider riders as self-employed (More information of this agreement can be found here).

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