Works Councils Lieferando, Mjam and Veloce

In 2019, Lieferando workers established a works council. In response, Lieferando filed a lawsuit against its establishment, arguing that the company only operates via the platform without being a resident in Austria. Despite the legal dispute, the works council successfully established regular meetings and obtained liability insurance for all 300 workers as well as better backpacks, tires and brakes for the bikes.  

Previously, workers of Mjam, another food delivery provider, had succeeded to form a works council as well. The third courier service creating a works council was Veloce. The Veloce council was established after ongoing disputes between couriers and the management. Since 2004, Veloce had successfully prevented the establishment of a works council by dismissing couriers, who made an effort to organise their colleagues. However, due to worsening working conditions during the Covid-19-pandemic, the dispute was stirred once again: The workers demanded the provision of Covid-19-tests for themselves since they had to pick up tests from peoples’ doors as part of Veloce’s service. Further demands concerned the provision of decent wages and the fact that workers are not employed by the company but work on a freelance basis. The latter issue relates to the fact that the collective agreement for bicycle couriers does not apply to the workers and that as freelancers they are not supported by the trade union federation and therefore remained without earnings for the duration of strikes, which limited their capacity to effectively protest for better working conditions. In 2020, the works council could finally be established since this time the company took back the dismissals of workers aiming to establish the works council since the couriers aimed to fight it in court. 


  • Initiative
  • Organising and representing workers
  • Austria
  • Worker
  • Yes
  • transport
  • On-location platform-determined routine work
  • Lieferando
  • German
  • 2021
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