LABOR.A conference - Future of work

Do, 13/09/2018
Do, 13/09/2018

Eurofound will participate at the LABOR.A conference, held on 13 September 2018 in Berlin. The conference addresses the future of work and resulting changes to the labour market.

A 75-minute session organised by Eurofound will explore megatrends, such as digitalisation, fragmentation of work, new formal employment, changing jobs and working hours or developments in the field of self-employment and how they shape the future of work in Europe. These trends and their implications for workers and employers, social partners, governments and society are discussed interactively in the session. It will also discuss a practical example of a new working model as a potential solution for practitioners, union and employer representatives.

Hans-Böckler-Stiftung: Plattform 'Arbeit der Zukunft'


Venue Details
Berlin - Café Moskau
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