European Works Councils in practice: experience in new Member States, EWCs and restructuring

Mo, 19/06/2006
Di, 20/06/2006

Workshop - 19-20 June 2006, Warsaw, Poland

Venue: Social Partnership Centre ‘Dialogue’, ul. Limanowskiego 23, 02-943 Warszawa.

Background of the project

In 2006, new research is focusing:

  • on developments in new Member States, and on analysing the experience of EWCs in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, through case studies;
  • on the influence of EWCs on the handling of transnational restructuring.

Objectives of this workshop

The workshop will discuss the preliminary results of both research activities, with a view to publish final reports at the end of the year. Participation is by invitation only.

A draft agenda is available.

Contact details

Information liaison officer: Marina Patriarka (+353 1 204 3115)

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