EWCO conference - Training and employability, Luxembourg, 21-22 June 2005

Di, 21/06/2005
Mi, 22/06/2005

This conference, organised in cooperation with the Luxembourg Presidency, presents the Foundation’s topic report ‘The impact of training on people’s employability’, and aims to engage a debate with EU and national authorities, social partners and practitioners.

The conference will investigate the relationship between training and employability, with a particular focus on fixed-term and temporary agency workers. It will examine experiences at European, national and company level.

Results from the European Working Conditions Survey indicate that, in the EU15, between 1995 and 2000, there was an average increase of only 1% of employees who had undergone training paid for or provided by their employer within the past 12 months.

The survey results also show that workers on fixed-term contracts and temporary agency workers are less likely to be given training: only 31% of the former and 23% of the latter received training, compared with 35% of employees on permanent contracts.

These results tend to prove that employment status impacts on access to training, and skills and competence development provided by companies. As skills and occupational competencies are fundamental to employability, it is thus more difficult for employees with non-permanent contracts to make the transition to the regular labour market, or access new jobs and activities.

There is a demand for greater flexibility and more non-permanent work contracts, while, at the same time, there is also a demand for more training as a means towards greater employment security. In general, it can be said that competence development (training provided) and learning opportunities vary quite significantly in the EU: at 72% and 31% in the EU 15, compared with 65% and 24% in the new Member States.

The language at the conference will be English / French (simultaneous translation). A report will be published after the meeting. See programme.

September update: the conference report is now available.

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